Day 253 - Perth Europe's Most Sustainable Small City?

Next Friday is the second in two conferences led by Perth Leadership Forum.

The new chair of Perth City Leadership Forum, Mike Robinson, has long held the vision that Perth could become the “most sustainable small city’ in Europe. Perth has a quality of environment and landscape that few cities can match and makes it one of the healthiest places in the country to live, work and grow up. Being one of the smallest of the seven cities in Scotland, there is a real opportunity to lead and showcase sustainable solutions and become the envy of Europe.

This two day, online conference brings Perth’s biggest employers, local companies, local organisations and our Local Authority together with international guests and national partners to advance this vision and help to deliver the Perth City Plan and our ambition to become Scotland’s first carbon neutral City by 2040.

Missed the first day? You can access recordings of the first day of the conference and attend the second day live online.

To book into the conference click here.

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