Day 250 - Concerts I wish I had been to V

John Eliot Gardiner's discography is extraordinary wide. This fantasy evening begins with Schumann's blazing Konzertstück for 4 horns and orchestra. It is one of the most exciting pieces in the repertoire. Following it is one of Mozart's greatest piano concertos performed by Malcolm Bilson on a fortepiano - the kind of instrument Mozart would have known. No 22 in E flat K482 is not played as often as some others, but the last movement seems to contain a wonderful concentration of everything which makes Mozart non-pareil. The last work is Mozart's C minor Mass. This recording shows everything which is special about John Eliot. The choral singing of the Monteverdi Choir is to die for, the soloists are perfectly matched (just listen to Diana Montague and Sylvia McNair in the Domine Deus duet). The whole performance of this unfinished but monumental double choir masterpiece is driven with the kind of energy which makes the hairs on the back of the neck stand up. Enjoy!

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