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Day 245 - the 'exceptionally able' David Toole

David Toole was a performer I admired hugely, and whose I company was a lot of fun. His close collaborator Lloyd Newson describes him here:

David Toole was a truly remarkable performer and person. He personified the concept of ‘differently able’, or perhaps more appropriately, 'exceptionally able’. David made you marvel at what a body, his body, could say and do. He was funny, irreverent, droll and direct with an openness of spirit that meant he was up for anything - and that’s what made him such a joy to work with. He had no time for pretension or middle class waft.

On stage he was magnetic and his attitude towards life won the admiration of all of us who worked with him on The Cost of Living. I remember him telling me the story of when he’d been working for the Post Office and he came home and said to his mother: "Mum I want to be dancer". She replied: "Can I just remind you, you don’t have any legs”. That wasn’t an obstacle for David….. and he became one of the most outstanding and alluring dancers I’ve ever witnessed on stage. It was an honour to have worked with such a courageous and talented man.

You can watch David in 'The Cost of Living' with Eddie Kay (choreographer on 306 Day and Dusk). This remarkable dance film is available until the 13th December, in tribute to David.

To watch The Cost of Living on Vimeo click here.

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