• Andy Shearer

Day 240 - MyPetRocket: Ancients And Aliens

Ancients And Aliens is a great new song from Perth-based artist MyPetRocket which commemorates both John Lennon’s 80th birthday and his UFO sighting in 1974. This is MyPetRocket’s first attempt at editing a video and she hopes to make more over the winter months for songs old and new.

Petra likes to collaborate with musicians and producers. She has been writing and recording since the mid 90’s and now plays and creates songs under the name MyPetRocket. Over the last few years she has enjoyed playing at local open mics, The Sunday social with Mad Ferret at the Twa Tams, The Venue, The Green Room and The Yard and Butterstone Nights with Pete Caban, Dougie MacLean and chums. She also loves jamming with local punk legends The Tolerated.

Having worked in entertainment and theatre for years, she has made many friends in the industry and is therefore very supportive of the “We Make Events” movement, which draws awareness to the current plight of her friends in all aspects of the entertainment industry.

Ancients And Aliens was recorded at Tpot recording studio in The Path O Condie with Robin Wynn Evans. Robin’s son Mohan sang backing vocals and played most instruments on the track. The beautiful backing vocals are by Stephanie Fraser.

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