Day 239 - The Misfits

Unlike us, English theatres had a brief moment of reprieve where they reopened. Some opened productions, most were in planning for live performances. Hornchurch were due to open The Misfits to a socially distanced audience, but are now streaming that production. As with all Doug Rintoul's productions (one of which Macbeth we were due to host this March) it promises to be a fun night.

It’s 1908 and Joanna’s planning to provoke the attention of Southend and the whole of the nation, by becoming the first black woman to compete in a beauty pageant. Fiza’s moved home with her parents. Under dire circumstances… At nearly 40. Will she pick herself up in time for the dreaded school reunion?

Tag’s out with the lads in 1998 – it’s his last night as a proper Essex boy. But there are last nights, and there are last nights.

Daisy’s having a baby. Yep right now. Actually having a baby. The pain relief kicks in, the room goes fuzzy and she finds herself in 1978… in a glam rock band.

Four inspirational tales of Essex resilience intertwine to make an unmissable world premiere by some of the region’s most exciting playwrights.

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Here's actress Anne Odeke talking about writing for the show.

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