Day 234 - What do Handel and Andrew Lloyd-Webber have in common?

An absurd question you might think about two figures separated by 300 years and an awful lot of developments in music and theatre. However they do have two things in common. They are/were hugely successful impresarios, and they both write/wrote great tunes. Handel's genre was Italian opera which was all the rage in London in the early 18th century. He created great spectacle and engaged the greatest singers of his day. He had to please his audiences or his shows closed. In the end he wrote more than 40 operas. Rinaldo, his most performed received 53 performances in his lifetime. Lloyd-Webber has written over 20 musicals, but the number of performances is exponentially greater with runs lasting for decades. But, as I said above, they both write simple and utterly irresistible melodies for swooning audiences. Here are a few!

Handel Va tacito e nascosto from Giulio Cesare click here

LLoyd-Webber Music of the Night from Phantom click here

Handel Piangero from Giulio Cesare click here

LLoyd-Webber Elaine Page sings Cats - click here

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