Day 228 - Emerging Artists

Jessica Hardwick won Best Actress at the CATS Awards 2018 for her luminescent performance in Perth Theatre's Knives in Hens. She has taken beautiful photographs for us backstage at panto, as she explores her professional world from a different angle.. During lockdown Jess began a new project photographing artists and how they were reconfiguring their worlds in the absence of live performance. She writes:

'I have always done photography part time between acting work to pay the bills. During lockdown I've had more time to develop these skills and had the idea to create this project to reconnect to other creatives during this strange and uncertain time. 

Re Emerging artists is an independent portrait project I started after lockdown to reconnect with the creative community in Glasgow. I wanted to show these talented and viable people in their surroundings as we re-emerge into this unknown territory. This has been a particularly difficult time for the arts sector and I hope this series of images make us all feel a little closer and remind us we’re not alone. We will be back.'

The first in the series is Hannah:

#1 Hannah - Actress

"Here I am sorting out the broccoli. My favourite task. I was extremely lucky to get a job at this independent family run green grocers during lockdown. 6 months later this shop has provided me with a new passion and knowledge of fruit and vegetables. Alongside structure and a far more simplistic way of life. Every person that comes in is a character and the hundreds of vegetables with individual prices per kilogram is the new script I have learnt. I am playing the role of shopkeeper for now and without it I'd be lost." - Hannan Jarrett Scott

And the second artist in the series you might recognise...

#2 Ewan - Actor

"Scarlett was due to start nursery when Hannah’s maternity leave ended but with everything stopping it no longer made sense and we couldn’t afford it anyway. She has changed so much over the last 6 months and I have gotten to watch her grow and learn every day. Having that purpose and structure has helped immensely. I feel like I am a part of the community in a way that I didn’t before just from meeting new people and chatting to parents who are also trying to manage in all of this. We have spent a lot of time outside and, when the weather was nice, we would get out to the park twice a day. She loves mischief and I even get the occasional laugh – no gag is too cheap. Although there is a lot of despair and sadness at the moment, I know I will always treasure this time." - Ewan Somers

To see the project unfold follow Jess on Twitter:

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Photography by Harry Livingstone.

To see more of Jess's work go to:

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