Day 226 - Nova: Scottish Album Of The Year Winner

Huge congratulations to Edinburgh rapper, producer and DJ Nova, who became the youngest-ever winner of the SAY Scottish Album Of The Year Award earlier this week. The brilliant Re-Up was also the first grime record to win. Sadly, Nova couldn't be at the ceremony as she is currently in isolation following a positive test for Covid-19.

"Opening with the growling floor-bothering bass and NOVA’s half sharp, half languid vocal delivery on 30 Mins, followed by the carefully distilled anger of Back In The Day; Re-Up immediately introduces itself as a flash of clarity and energy. That the album remains cohesive, despite featuring as many producers as there are individual tracks, is a testament to the strength of Shaheeda Sinckler’s personality, tone, and storytelling. As a debut album, it’s an impressive opening statement. As NOVA herself says, ‘To be continued…’."

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