Day 225 - Plink and Boo

More half-term fun with Play-Along Plink and Boo - a digital & physical circus-theatre experience for 2-7 year olds and their families.

Some might be Plink and others are Boo Why does it matter, what’s the to-do? Jumbled up people and boxes too small; Let’s make a den and discover it all...

Welcome to the topsy turvy world of Play-Along Plink and Boo. Join us for a beautifully filmed circus-theatre adventure, as we explore what happens when people don’t fit into boxes (even if it is the neatest place to put them). Before watching the performance the company invite you to find or make some simple props from around your house. During the show you'll use these to play along with what's happening on the screen, from the comfort of your own home.

The show is by the Can't Sit Still who presented the delicious online circus piece 'Not Now George!' (Day 29).

To find out more click here and to book tickets go here.

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