Day 206 - Glasgow's Concert Halls

I am afraid we have to start this with a very sad story.

The St Andrews Hall in Glasgow which was the home of the then Scottish National Orchestra was destroyed in 1962 - taking the orchestra's library and many of its instruments with it. It is supposed to have been an acoustic gem. Thereafter sadly Glasgow languished without a concert hall of any scale or quality all the way until 1990 when the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall was opened. This huge beast which was built to be part of Glasgow's 1990 celebrations as European City of Culture (and nearly missed the year altogether!) holds 2475 seats and, as well as hosting the RSNO season also plays host to a similar menu of other concerts to Perth Concert Hall.

The New RSNO Centre has been recently built onto the side of GRCH, but before the opening of GRCH there was only City Hall. Incredibly run down and used by many different people (I well remember having to bribe a Kendo class to go away and stop wrecking some SCO recording sessions), it finally reached the stage where the council either had to refurbish it or tear it down. Luckily they made the right decision and it is now home to the BBCSSO in a perfect 1000 seater shoe-box shaped hall.

Glasgow now has a brace of concert halls to rival any major city in the world.

Fire destroys Glasgow's St Andrew's Hall click here

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