Day 203 - Expensive Shit

Written and directed by Adura Onashile, Expensive Shit is a short film about a Nigerian toilet attendant working in a Glasgow night club, who has an extremely tough decision to make.

It is based on Adura Onashile's hit show from Edinburgh Festival 2016. In an interview with the BFI Adura writes:

"I’m first gen Black British, my parents are Nigerian, born in London and raised in Nigeria and London. I studied at Dartington College of Arts, which was focused much more on auteurs than traditional drama schools so I always had a sense of making my own work and working across disciplines.

I actually started my professional life as a dancer, then I moved towards physical theatre as a performer. I did a postgraduate degree in acting and worked as an actor until I decided to write a one woman show. I really enjoyed writing and wanted to direct, so I wrote and directed a play with four actors which was Expensive Shit, the stage play.

My progress through the profession has been fuelled by a desire to not only challenge myself but to find ways of having more autonomy in the work I make.

(Expensive Shit) is about Tolu, a Nigerian toilet attendant working in a Glasgow nightclub, who manipulates the behaviour of unsuspecting women for the titillation of men who watching behind the mirrors in the toilets.

"We meet her on a night when a line has been crossed and she is forced to hand out a drugged bottle of water.

"She struggles with the choice she has to make when Louise, a regular punter, and the only person that Tolu has a connection with becomes the target and is drugged.

As the night spins out of control, Tolu, unable to live with what she has done, finds the strength to change everything."

To watch Expensive Shit click on the BFI website click here. Part of BFI's free programme.

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