Day 201 - Going to Festivals Online

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

I am sure everyone who reads this loves going to live concerts more than anything else and are we are starved. However all is not lost as there are some absolutely fantastic online festivals to tide us through this awful patch of concert deprivation. At the top of the list for me is Oxford Lieder. This specialist festival decided very early that it would go completely online for its October concerts. You can buy a pass for 40 events for £90 which is amazing value including the most comprehensive website I have ever seen. Next comes the Petworth Festival which includes Mitsuko Uchida, Milos and Sheku and Isata Kanneh-Mason. Then, while not a festival, I would recommend the RSNO's digital season. I have booked for all three and put the events in my diary. The technology is easy, particularly with modern 'smart' TVs. and I am using the current lack of live concerts to go to events I would never otherwise visit. For promoters the upside of this is that audiences can be reached and retained who would normally not attend live events because of distance. I know this from my own Lammermuir Festival experience which has led to us giving advice to attenders from Japan and New York on how to travel to East Lothian. So do go online, go to some fantastic concerts and support those artists who we so want to see performing live again.

RSNO Digital Season

Petworth Festival

Oxford Lieder

BBC Proms

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