Day 2 - Three songs performed by Scottish musicians

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

Today Andy Shearer, our Contemporary Music Programmer, brings you Karine ,Polwart, Kris Drever, Patsy Reid, Ross Ainslie, Signy Jakob sdottir, Graeme Stephen and David Milligan performing the opening three songs from our No Man’s Land concert, which we staged on Nov 11th 2018 to commemorate the centenary of the end of WW1.

Andy Shearer

Creative Director for Music & Comedy

Andy has been Creative Director at Horsecross Arts with responsibility for music and comedy programming since Perth Concert Hall opened in 2005 and launched Southern Fried festival there in 2008. He was previously programmer at the Lemon Tree in Aberdeen from its opening in 1992 until 1999, where he established the Rootin Aboot Festival and built a formidable reputation for the venue as one of the finest of its size in the UK. He also worked for major commercial promoters MCD in Dublin, setting up the Acoustica and Celtic Flame festivals. In 2016 he launched Noble Savage, a live booking agency representing a small roster of acoustic and Americana artists.

Andy suggests some ways to support artists through the current crisis:

With every sector of the economy, including venues, festivals and other arts organisations plunged into chaos and uncertainty by the current crisis, many musicians have seen their income evaporate just as we were about to enter what is usually the busiest and most lucrative time of the year for them. With the rise of streaming and the relative collapse of the record industry, earnings from live performances now make up the massive majority of most musicians' income - with many seemingly successful artists barely scraping a living even at the best of times.

If you’re a music fan, there are still many ways to support your favourite artist - and to discover new ones.

Buying merchandise is the easiest and most effective, especially direct from the artist’s own website. Today Fri 20 March online marketplace for independent artists will be waiving their usual commission on sales so 100% of anything you spend will go direct to the artist. You can listen before you buy and it’s also a great discovery portal.


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