Day 197 - Mark Thomas's Lockdown Check-Up

Comedian and activist Mark Thomas has moved back in with his mum for the duration of the pandemic. He’s 57 and she’s 85. He says she’s curmudgeonly; she says he’s the most aggravating person on the planet.

In this six-part podcast, he reflects on their lockdown life together while investigating the wider impact of COVID-19. Every night, Mark calls health and care workers across the country for a chat. Humbling and often heartbreaking, these conversations reveal what life is like on the coronavirus front line.

This is a deeply lovely podcast series The whole series is great, but I particularly enjoyed Episode 7 in which Mark explores what it means to be isolated from others. It made me think about why we get in a room together to experience theatre, comedy, music. The series was made possible by the Wellcome Trust who we have to thank for so many brilliant collaborations between artists and scientists.

Click here to listen.

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