Day 196 - In A Nutshell

Ben Duke is one of my favourite choreographers and performers. His adaptation of Paradise Lost is hilarious and beautiful. And his company Lost Dog presented Juliet and Romeo in Fringe 2019, from the point of view of the star-crossed lovers in their mid-40s.

This short response to an empty theatre is characteristically funny and quietly desolate.


Sitting alone in an empty auditorium, a man explains to an unseen future generation, what live theatre was - reliving moments that had been particularly powerful to him personally and lamenting the loss of real-life connections in a world where nobody is allowed near one another.

With his unique blend of melancholia and self-deprecating humour, Lost Dog’s Ben Duke touches on themes of loneliness and isolation, the loss of human connections, and in particular the temporary community of strangers that make up a theatre audience. Half eulogy, half lecture, In a Nutshell questions what is real in life, if we cannot share it together in real life.

Production Credits: Conceived and performed by Ben Duke Made by Lost Dog Supported by Raquel Meseguer Filmed and edited by Rachel Bunce Commissioned by The Place and Rural Touring Dance Initiative, supported by Worthing Theatres.

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