Day 194 - The RSNO's Virtual Season

The RSNO's Chief Executive Alistair Mackie is a digital enthusiast. Prior to returning to Scotland he was for many years principal trumpet of the wonderful Philharmonia Orchestra in London. He was also its chairman and saw closely how an orchestra can use new technology to enthral new audiences as well as adding value for those who already hooked on classical music. The Philharmonia's digital programme including the extraordinary Universe of Sound has attracted 350,000 people to their installations and their YouTube channel has more than 100,000 subscribers. At our first conversation in Perth Concert Hall he made his intention to bring this game-changing strand to the RSNO. The recent crisis has forced this development to arrive rather sooner than planned, but the RSNO are in an excellent position with the new RSNO Centre being fully digitally equipped and staffed. They supplied their music-starved audiences through the first lockdown with Friday Night Club - a series of 15 recorded concerts. The next venture is their Digital Season which is made up of 10 concerts broadcast from the RSNO Centre with major artists including Thomas Søndergård, Midori and Karen Cargill and thrilling repertoire. At £10 per concert of £90 for the season it is exceptional value for money and I for one will be subscribing!

Midori plays Bach - click here

Karen Cargill sings Mahler as part of Edinburgh International Festival 2020 online festival - click here

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