Day 192 - What was The Red Hedgehog? - Schubert's local!

The Red Hedgehog’ (Zum Rotel Igel) was the tavern in 19th century Vienna where Schubert and Brahms each went to hear Gypsy and folk music. This influenced many of their compositions. The group ZRI is made up of violin, clarinet, cello, accordion and santouri developed entirely fresh versions of major masterpieces such as Schubert's C Major Quintet and Brahms's Clarinet Quintet. Before the purists among you (us?) revolt in horror I should add that this is achieved with surpassingly brilliant musicianship which makes these radical re-scorings irresistible new and fresh works in their own right. ZRI has also produced live scores for Charlie Chaplin films and is currently working on a programme around the life and love of Janacek called enticingly 'Love, Mania and Murder', The group has performed at major festivals across the UK and abroad and has made critically-acclaimed discs of both the Schubert and Brahms Quintets.  They brought Schubert and Chaplin to Perth last year. I am sure they will be back!

ZRI play Brahms - click here

ZRI Chaplin - click here

ZRI play Schubert - click here

ZRI Cellar Sessions - click here

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