Day 190 - Chris Small: Money Can't Buy

We're delighted to premiere Money Can't Buy, a live lockdown version of the most recent single from Perth singer-songwriter Chris Small. It was recorded in his back garden as part of The Patio Sessions EP, which will be released one track at a time over the next few Fridays.

Money Can’t Buy tries to encapsulate the raw power found on a lot of those late 60’s r’n’b/rock songs, where distortion was really starting to become the backbone of popular music. I wrote and recorded it at the same time as the rest of my last EP Something In The Water, which I released back in February.

I recorded the whole EP in my home studio and enlisted the help of some fantastic local musicians to help me out. I crowdfunded the production costs of mixing, mastering and printing the EP and had planned on doing a string of dates across the UK over the Summer to promote it, which of course went very well!

Money Can’t Buy just didn’t quite fit with the rest of the other songs; it's more akin to my 2019 single, The Good Times, so I decided to keep it on the back burner. Fortunately, despite the adversities I and many other musicians around the world are facing right now, I’ve been able to release new music, along with this new live acoustic session.

The single can be bought at my Bandcamp store which is the best way to directly support artists right now, along with the rest of my discography:

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