Day 180 - Richard Chester and NYOS

Richard Chester who died in the summer was a wonderful servant to Scottish classical music. He was principal flute of the RSNO and also chair of the Music Panel of the then Scottish Arts Council. His prime legacy however is NYOS which he drove from small beginnings to be a musical organisation of real national significance. Over the past 40 years The National Youth Orchestra of Scotland has grown into a powerhouse of ensembles with 4 orchestras and 3 jazz ensembles. This has provided amazing musical experiences for children from as young as 8 in the childrens orchestra to the members of Camerata who are on the cusp of professional careers. The senior orchestra has performed both at the Edinburgh International Festival and the Proms and works with a range of major international conductors

NYOS Symphony Orchestra road to the Proms click here

NYOS Jazz Orchestra road to the Proms click here

NYOS Symphony Orchestra perform Johannesburg Overture click here

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