Day 179 - Christopher Bell and NYCOS

Christopher Bell is a musical force of nature. In his time he has directed the RSNO Chorus, The Washington Chorus and the Edinburgh Festival Chorus. But if you were to ask him what meant the most to him it would undoubtedly be NYCOS (National Youth Choir of Scotland). Founded in 1996 it is now a major choir of international standing which has sung frequently at the Proms, the Edinburgh International Festival and even at Carnegie Hall. There are now three national choirs, boys, girls and NYCOS itself. There are 15 regional choirs in Scotland which feed into NYCoS and often NYCOS singers take their studies further and enter the professional classical world. What distinguishes NYCoS is the emotional directness of the singing which is warm and without any affectation. Their most recent recording of James MacMillan gained sensational reviews. I wouldn't normally suggest reading a website in detail, but the NYCOS site repays the effort as this is one of Scotland's true musical treasures.!

NYCOS website here

James MacMillan and Donald Runnicles on NYCOS - here

Christopher Bell on NYCOS - here

NYCOS at Grand Teton Music Festival under Donald Runnicles - here

NYCOS at Ypres as part of the Passchendaele Commemorations in 2017 - here

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