Day 177 - Gaelic Hip-Hop: Griogair Labhruidh featuring Brina

Two brilliant tracks that kicked off the BBC Alba Scots Trad Awards in Perth Concert Hall in Dec 2018 from rapper, singer and multi-instrumentalist Griogair Labhruidh featuring the sublime vocal talents of Brina.

Griogair Labhruidh draws deep on his own Scottish Gaelic tradition and combines it with diverse influences from African music, funk, soul and hip-hop. Griogair weaves ancient mythology into his vibrant arrangements to express his own spiritual ideas about belonging, nature, creativity and artistic expression. As well as releasing acclaimed solo albums, Griogair has also performed with Afro Celt Sound System and has been featured on the Outlander soundtrack.

Now resident in Scotland, Brina is an artist steeped in the sounds and rhythms of her native Jamaican culture. A truly vibrant and captivating performer, when Brina steps in front of an audience, she beckons the audience to feel enlightened and empowered. Fusing together elements of her rich cultural heritage using reggae, nyabinghi and other musical styles from the global African diaspora, Brina delivers a positive healing message through her songs of justice, equality, liberation, oneness and love.

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