Day 172 - Fun Palaces Artworks

From Fun Palaces - a series of workshops and demonstrations to inspire you!

Fun Palaces has never before commissioned artists, not least because we believe everyone is an artist.

However, in the wake of the Covid crisis, in response to Black Lives Matter, and with a recognition that we want to do still more to encourage greater inclusion in Fun Palaces both as events and across all of our work, we are choosing to commission a group of artists this year.

Our provocation is to consider how tiny revolutions of connection in community can help contribute to a more equal, inclusive, and generous society. We understand these tiny revolutions to be the core of our work and we have asked six artists to interpret this idea in whatever way feels right for their work, for their art form and for this present moment.

The artworks encourage others to take part in this year’s 1000 Tiny Fun Palaces in a way that is safe for them and their community, maintaining the connections that have developed during lockdown.  See below for information on the artists and the work they are making.

The workshops and demonstrations are from artists including Sue Fraser from Inverness.

My Fun Palace will be an opportunity for me to meet some of my neighbours for the first time and to show them how to have fun making felted soaps and covered stones.

Sue will create a felted wall hanging depicting views from her street enjoyed by members of the WhatsApp group that she started at the beginning of the lockdown in March. Every member of the group has suggested a flower or plant that they would like to see in the finished piece. Neighbours joined the WhatsApp group by word of mouth and it became a focal point for sharing photos, news, stories and support for each other.

Sue also works with Highland Third Sector Interface as a Volunteer Development Officer and hopes that Third Sector organisations will take the opportunity to run Fun Palace community activities across the Highlands. Sue’s work can be viewed at Facebook Sue’s Felted Landscape, Wooliebacks

Sue Fraser is an Inverness-based textile artist. Born south of the border to Jamaican parents, Sue grew up on Air Force bases before following in her Dad’s footsteps and joining the RAF as an Assistant Air Traffic Controller. After spending 17 years as a retail section manager, she joined the NHS working in mental health Occupational Therapy for 12 years.

It was while working at New Craigs hospital that Sue fell in love with the art of felting. A colleague taught me how to make simple felted items so that we could run the activity in therapy groups, which proved to be really popular. I decided to combine this new skill with my love of art and manage to produce paintings made of merino wool and silk in bold Scottish colours with fine detail and texture.

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