Day 170 - Jim Morrice: Dead Men’s Drums

Perthshire-based musician "Big Jim” Morrice has played sax, flute, clarinet and sung with bands around Scotland since the 1960's but has only now got around to recording his debut album of songs and much loved tunes. Tragically, it's a bittersweet milestone as just after the start of lockdown, Jim learned he may only have months left to live. 

"This album came together quite accidentally! At the beginning of June 2020, I purchased a cheap video camera for my PC and wanting to check out the quality recorded myself playing the saxophone. I recorded three little heads (tunes) and was quite impressed with the playback, I sent them to my very good friend Paul “Lefty” Wright to get his opinion. Paul liked the heads and started arranging them and suggested we record them. He got Scotty Donald to play drums on the recordings and we ended up with enough material for an album! 

My beloved companion for 12 years Squeaky who died on 13th August 2020 has a couple of Meows on one track making it very special for me! I was diagnosed with terminal cancer recently and you do not always realise how many friends you have until something dire happens. I would like to thank all my friends for all the love and support they have given me over the years, there is a whole lot of love out there! I would also like to especially thank the friends who made this album possible, Paul Lefty Wright, Scotty Donald, Stevie Anderson, Mike and Anth Brown, Greg McWilliams, Brian Hutton and OB records. An especially big thank you to “Lefty” who used his magic touch on the whole thing!”

Jim Morrice, August 2020

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