Day 17 - The Patch

I started off my career with 5 years at BBC Scotland making radio dramas principally, and documentaries occasionally. I love the storytelling of the documentary form, and The Patch is an absolute gem - as a director friend of mine said 'an absolute hymn to making art from real life and people'.

So I recommend it. Perhaps my favourite to date is set in Croxteth Liverpool, a testimony to communities coming together - which feels particularly pertinent at the moment. But there's two excellent episodes set in Perthshire and one in Torrie Aberdeen (links below). And every episode is a brilliant listen.

Click here to listen to The Patch: Croxteth, Liverpool

One producer, one randomly generated postcode, and an unheard story unfolding in a corner of Britain we would not otherwise know about.

The Patch: Torrie, Aberdeen.

The Patch: Blackford, Perthshire.

The Patch: Rannoch, Perthshire.

The Patch was conceived by Polly Weston. Most episodes are produced and presented by Polly Weston, some recent episodes by Eliza Lomas.

Executive Producer is Jolyon Jenkins.

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