Day 160 - Hò-rò: Smelling Fresh

It's just over two year since we hosted Showcase Scotland Expo's The Visit in Perth. The event brought promoters and festival directors from Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Rim to see some of Scotland's very best traditional and acoustic artists showcase their talents, Among them were the great young band Hò-rò, who we feature today, performing a great uptempo instrumental set entitled Smelling Fresh.

From humble beginnings in the Scottish Highlands & Islands, Hò-rò are gradually becoming a force to reckon with in the Scottish music scene. With a line-up that features bagpipes, border pipes, accordion, fiddle, and whistles; musical instruments that are aligned with traditional Highland music combined with the sounds of guitar, keyboards, drums and bodhran, Hò-rò can play diverse styles and produce a set that features rich musical textures. This instrumental mix is complemented further by both the unbeatable poetry of Gaelic song and the vivid storytelling of the Scots song genre.

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