Day 141 - Join us in making 1000 Tiny Fun Palaces

Fun Palaces support local people to co-create their own cultural and community events, across the UK and worldwide, sharing and celebrating the genius in everyone. Fun Palaces have been running across the UK every year since 2014.

We believe in the genius in everyone, in everyone an artist and everyone a scientist, and that creativity in community can change the world for the better.

While Fun Palaces usually have anything from 20 to 2000 participants, in response to Covid-19, we are encouraging extra-small, hyper-local Fun Palaces this October. A shared creation made by three neighbours along a wall, a seed swap in your street, a drumming lesson from a balcony window, six people socially-distanced in a park teaching each other a 45-minute dance or yoga or fitness sequence, a neighbourhood co-writing a story in chalk on the pavement.

Or you could hold a Virtual Fun Palace. You could broadcast your knitting tutorial on Facebook live, write a shared poem on Twitter, share art on Instagram, or hold a dance-off via video conference. Whether offline or online, the key is to share skills, knowledge, something beautiful, something safe; that it is public (passers-by taking part is great) and makes a connection (encouraging others to do as well as enjoy what you’ve done).

At Horsecross, we're going to be encouraging and enabling 1000 Tiny Fun Palaces to take place across Perth. We'll be putting up ideas here, and if you have ideas you can get in touch with us through

Watch this space and fill it!

You can find out more about Fun Palaces by watching the film below.


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