Day 133 - Southern Fried Stories: McKay & Leigh

Noel McKay and Brennen Leigh have visited the festival 3 times and have become huge audience favourites with their gorgeous vintage country sound and keen sense of humour. They appeared as a duo in 2013 and 2106 and returned in 2017 as part of the High Plains Jamboree bluegrass quartet. They talk a little about their experiences of the festival and their love for Perth and play us a typically witty song about the realities of gigging - hopefully something we can all return to soon.

Brennen Leigh and Noel McKay craft story songs with equal measures heart  and humour. Their 2013 album Before the World Was Made sees these celebrated troubadours in peak form. “These are modern day country duets à la George Jones and Melba Montgomery,” producer Gurf Morlix says, “but with very sophisticated songwriting.”

​“Brennen’s really great at melodies,” McKay says. “She’s always kicking around a melody and it’s great and she’ll attach it to a lyric idea that’s equally great. She writes characters in her songs like a novelist.” “Noel always has the line,” Leigh counters. “It’s like, How are we going to wrap this up? How are we going to bring it around so it makes sense? He always ties it up. Noel’s a poet.

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