Day 128 - Katie Whittaker Sings Etta James

The incredibly talented Perth-based singer Katie Whittaker debuted her Etta James show in the Joan Knight Studio in Perth Theatre in Oct 2018. Today at 6.30pm, as part of Edinburgh Jazz & Blues Festival’s online lineup, you can see the full set she performed at last year’s festival with some of Perthshire’s finest musicians including Stuart Nisbet (guitar), Alan Sutherland (keyboards), Pete Honeyman (bass), Ali Pibworth (piano) and Signy Jakobsdottir (drums).  In the meantime, enjoy this video of Katie covering one of Etta's best-loved songs from the original Perth Theatre show.

“Etta’s voice brought songs to life! Listening to her songs made me want to sing with more heart, more feeling, more soul, or I wouldn’t be doing her justice. When I first heard her I knew she was my kind of singer, so versatile and powerful she’s everything I love but on a whole other level! She has the pure strut and confidence that some can only dream of. Doing this show has taught me so much about my craft and every time we do it it just gets better and better and that’s thanks to the amazing band, the brilliant songs we get to play and the phenomenal artist we are there to celebrate.” 

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