Day 125 - Roberto Cassani's Marino: An Ode To My Father

A touching yet typically light-hearted tribute to his late father from Roberto Cassani's brand-new EP, Live At Perth Theatre. Born in Italy but long resident in Perthshire, with an accent somewhere in between, Roberto is a gifted and often hilarious songwriter as well as a superb double bass player.

“During lockdown, I have been trying to keep my mind off thinking about how much I miss my favourite part of music, which is playing live. To remind myself of the fun and joy of playing in front of an audience, I've released a little live EP from a gig at my favourite place: The Joan Knight Studio in Perth Theatre. The recording comes from a real gentleman: Calum Mackison, who mixed the live sound for Horsecross on the night back in October. It’s only 4 songs so hopefully it’s short enough to keep the ever shortening attention span and just deliver the simple message that live music is, above all, great fun!

The great band on the EP is Ivan Sveda (drums), Alan Sutherland (piano), Owen Nicholson (guitar) and also features the immense local talent of Chris Small on trombone on the last track. Here is a little solo video from the night - a little ode to my father and an exercise of drawing joy out of the saddest subject matter. See you soon, I hope.”

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