Day 120 - Playwrights in Lockdown

Somebody said, there are people with time on their hands to learn new skills in lockdown and then there are parents. But if you're part of the former group, and you've been doodling ideas and penning stories or scripts during lockdown there is a plethora of really good information and advice out there to inspire and put feathers on your fledgling drafts.

I'm going to start putting some up here. But even if all you have is an interest in how playwrights write plays, this series by playwright Dan Rebellato are well worth spending some time with. Dan - possibly most famous not for his plays but for his daily goodnight tweet to Donald Trump - has been interviewing a wide range of writers about how they do what they do and how they think.

This, with the brilliant Lucy Kirkwood, writer of one of my favourite contemporary plays The Children, is the first of the series.

And to watch more go to Dan's website:

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