Day 119 - Ali Pibworth: I Bleed For You

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

A great newly-recorded song from singer-songwriter and pianist Ali Pibworth, one of the many hugely talented musicians we're blessed to have currently living in Perthshire. Just click here to hear it.

Ali is one of the more colourful characters of the Perthshire live music scene – whether as performer, teacher, inspirational leader of the DIY Rock Shop youth music project, or noted bon viveur, she's a thoroughly modern renaissance woman. As a Southern Fried enthusiast and mainstay, she’s played the Theatre and Concert Hall in many different combos but this is the first time we’ve featured her own work.

“I wrote this a few years ago, and I’ve sung it at a couple of open mic nights – Stuart Nisbet asked if he could record it with me, and it’s become a whole different thing - less angry, more melancholy – a lot less country - and I love what Pete Honeyman (bass) and Andy May (piano) do with the intro. “

Ali is currently working on new material and, like everybody else, is desperate to get back onstage asap. 

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