Day 115 - Patsy Reid: A Musician's Life In Lockdown

Born and bred in rural Perthshire and now living in the Fair City, Patsy Reid is one of the most in-demand fiddle players on the UK acoustic music scene as well as being a hugely talented composer and world-class string arranger. Today, she reflects on how lockdown has affected her life and work as a musician with a busy portfolio career,

Please enjoy this gorgeous arrangement of Patsy's composition, The Strath Sunrise, from the Jan 2017 performance of our Made In Perthshire concert, which she co-directed with Ross Ainslie,

"Life in lockdown has been many things for me as a musician. Fairly quickly, I was lucky to get organised with online teaching, having had a few Skype students over the years. Living with a sound engineer, I’ve recorded high quality strings from home for some time now so we’ve been able to continue with that, although there are obviously less projects happening as the money flow just isn’t there. I’m still making music and teaching, so I’m lucky to have kept a sense of normality. In some ways I don’t miss the constant on-the-go juggling act and I’m not sure if I massively miss the actual performing part  either - but I do really miss the people and the music itself.

There have been waves of happiness, dread, sadness, fascination on nearly a daily basis but ultimately, I’ve been fine. I feel like it’s been a time for reflection on what I enjoy about my career and the things that are important. I have had more time for relaxing things like gardening which has been brilliant. So maybe I want to continue elements of this way of life, if I can. Who knows, I’m sure the old ways of trying to cram everything in, never saying no out of fear of not being asked again will creep back to some extent but maybe this period will just allow us all to see that there are different ways to be and also challenge our perceptions of what makes us happy people."

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