Day 106 - #LetTheMusicPlay: Help The Live Music Industry Be Heard

The Coronavirus crisis has caused huge disruption to all our lives. The live music industry, a hugely important sector of the economy, faces unique challenges. Income has been almost completely wiped out across the sector, and there is no clear signal as to when anything like normal service might be able to resume and no promise of government support for the arts to bridge the gap in the meantime.

Sadly, Horsecross is clearly affected by this devastating combination of circumstances too and we’d encourage you all to join us in urging support for the music industry by posting and sharing the #LetTheMusicPlay campaign during today's day of action. To remind us all of what we're missing, please enjoy this great track by local supergroup Red Pine Timber Co filmed at their triumphant Perth Concert Hall gig in February 2015.

Ways you can support the campaign on Thursday 2nd July:

1. Post a video or photo of the last show you attended, with the hashtag #LetTheMusicPlay

2. Post some of the pre-made social graphics which can be downloaded here

3. Encourage your colleagues, networks, family and friends to do the same.

4. Write or email your elected representatives to urge them to support live music locally and nationally

Hundreds of grassroots music venues face closure, much of the workforce faces redundancy, and the talented supply chain that makes shows happen is crumbling. This is the live music industry's chance to be heard and to show the vital importance of live music in the UK. Please help us.

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