Day 100 - A Winter's Tale

It's a strange thing to mark 100 unwelcome days of closure. So, albeit not live, I offer you one of the most beautiful productions of Shakespeare I have ever seen - live - at the Citizens Theatre, Glasgow back in 2017.

For good reason Declan Donnellan, the director of Cheek by Jowl is recognised as one of our fiercest, most brilliant living storytellers. And what I most enjoy about his work is its clarity - he makes Shakespeare's language sound like your own.

Declan Donnellan is joint Artistic Director of Cheek by Jowl, with his partner, the designer Nick Ormerod. They formed Cheek by Jowl in 1981, for which they have created over 40 productions, performing in over 400 cities, across six continents.

Donnellan has staged the English premieres, 300 years after their writing, of major European classics by writers such as Racine, Corneille, Lessing and Ostrovski.

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