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Day 13 - Coronavirus Time Capsule a global project for young people in Perth

The brilliant Company Three have launched a new project for young people between 11 - 19 across this period.

We're hoping to get on board with making films from next week, Monday 6th April.

If you are part of our Join In groups, or just want to get involved, contact us at CreativeLearning@horsecross.co.uk (write 'Time Capsule' in subject header).

From Company Three:

The Coronavirus Time Capsule is a new project by Company Three and groups of young people around the world - a response to the global COVID-19 pandemic.

We are doing it because we think it is essential that we continue to offer the teenagers we work with support, connection and a space to be creative.

Week-by-week we are creating a cumulative video time capsule, recording teenage experience during the coronavirus pandemic. We’ll update it every Friday.

To find out more. Click here


The Coronavirus Time Capsule is a project for groups of young people everywhere, created by Company Three. See www.companythree.co.uk/coronavirus

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