Day 48 - A space-science home-schooling learning-adventure for children aged 7-11, with Tim Peake!

Updated: May 28, 2020

The brilliant Unlimited Theatre have created this refreshing answer to all your home-schooling challenges. Click here to find out more.

From Unlimited Theatre to Parents

We know that “home learning” might be new for you and so we’ve made The Astro Science Challenge to help. Very simply, The Astro Science Challenge is an app where children can safely do some fun Science, Maths and English whilst learning all about space. There are six Missions and we recommend you aim to complete one Mission a week.

If this is the only piece of home-schooling you do with your children, you are totally winning at parenting!

Just sign your children up as Cadets, support them with their research and (when you’re happy with their work) award them the digital badge designed by our awesome partners for each Mission. It is as simple as that! Don’t stress about it, don’t worry about “getting it wrong” – use the app however you and your children get the most enjoyment from it.

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