283 - My favourite tenor of all time?

No, not Luciano Pavarotti, astonishing singer though he was, and not Caruso because we really can't tell from the old recordings. For me the most unforgettable tenor of all time was Fritz Wunderlich. He had a voice which connected directly with the heart of the listener. He didn't sing the big flashy Italian repertoire, he concentrated on Mozart and was the most touching lieder and oratorio singer. He had that amazing quality where you hear one note and you know who is singing. He died tragically young at the age of 36 in an accident at a hunting lodge but left an indelible mark. His last performance was at the Edinburgh International Festival in a recital in 1966. At the last Perth Schubertiad I played a recording of the encore from this recital and there was a sob from the back of the room. A little voice said 'I was there'. He really was that special.

Wunderlich sings Granada listen here

Wunderlich sings Tamino's Aria from The Magic Flute here

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